RoyalFlycatcher - 2020


Birding tours & Nature photography: Alberto Martínez

Edición y fotografía adicional: Miguel Ángel Sicilia

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas

Rufous-collared Robin

(Turdus rufitorques)

Large, bulky thrush of highlands south of Isthmus of Tehuantepec. Found in pine-oak forest, adjacent farmland, and villages. Feeds on the ground in fields and also in fruiting trees and bushes. Often perches atop exposed tall standing dead trees early and late in the day. Male striking and unmistakable, if seen well. Female and immature male are paler and browner overall, with subdued rusty collar and breast. Some immature females have almost no rusty, but note yellow bill and legs and white streaks on feathers under base of tail.

White-breasted Hawk

(Accipiter chionongaster)

Small hawk with relatively short rounded wings. Adults are gray above with pale orange barring below; immatures are browner and streaky. Very similar to Cooper's Hawk, especially in plumage, but smaller overall with smaller head, more squared-off tail, and more petite feet. Also note quicker, snappier wingbeats. Breeds in extensive forests. Feeds mainly on birds captured in flight. Often stalks feeders in search of prey.

Rufous-browned Wren

(Troglodytes rufociliatus)

Very small, rather short-tailed wren of highland forests, woodland edges, thickets, and brush piles. Usually rather skulking, low in dense tangles, but sometimes sings from an exposed perch. Face and breast are bright rusty orange with pale eyering. Flanks, wings, and tail are obviously barred. House Wren is larger, longer tailed, and much duller and paler on face and underparts. Voice distinctive.